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Beard IQ

  • Watch our LIVE on New Day Cleveland Fox8 Morning Show Clip

    Watch Brutal Beard™ Owner Jason Wills discuss the basics of Beard care and Grooming with New Day Cleveland Host, David Moss during a LIVE TV Appearance on Wednesday November 7, 2018. Click to visit the New Day Cleveland web page and find a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE!
  • What's in My Beard?

    What’s the Deal with all these Oils? What are all the things I see listed on the Label? What does my beard actually need?

    This is the first in a series of regular posts that will discuss: "What is in my Beard Care Product", "What is Beard Hair and How does it differ from Other Types of Hair", "What Beard Hair do You have on Your Face", "What is Your Skin Type and Why does That matter", "What are the Options for Different Beard Care Products and Why does It matter" and "How to Use Beard Products to the Greatest Effect?"