Beard IQ

  • Beard Brushes - Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Using Brushes for Beard Styling.

    Beard Brushes! Perhaps you have encountered the same questions I did when I started shopping for a brush. There are so many brush choices that it’s pretty easy to pick the wrong thing! So, what’s the difference between brushes and which brush is best for what?

  • LIVE on New Day Cleveland Fox8 Morning Show Clip!

    Watch Brutal Beard™ Owner Jason Wills discuss the basics of Beard care and Grooming with New Day Cleveland Host, David Moss during a LIVE TV Appearance on Wednesday November 7, 2018. Click to visit the New Day Cleveland web page and find a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE!
  • What's in My Beard?

    What’s the Deal with all these Beard Oils? What are all the things I see listed on the Label? What does my beard actually need? -- Our belief here at Brutal Beard™ Brand and one of our core principles is that 100% Natural ingredients are the best choice in personal care products.